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Believe it or not, this was the first time we ever really “drove” a corrado.  Obviously you guys saw the vids of us testing on the street a while back and we did do a lap or two around the block when we first bought the car,  but this was really the first time we opened it up and really put the pedal down (in any corrado). We are happy to report, the Corrado is a pretty damn cool little car/monster – but most of you here already knew that 😉

Anyway, as you know we’ve been working hard for the past 10+ months and it was time to see all our hard work in action. We were def. not disappointed. Everything held up just fine and she was a blast to drive. Def. the go-kart feel we were hoping for, but instead of 5hp, we had a few more ponies under the hood.

After addressing just about every issue we could on Sat. and a few minor things on Sunday morning we loaded her up and drug her down to NJ to a baseball stadium right off exit 13B on the 287. Our boy Benfica had already done some scouting for us and figured this place would work out well since apparently they do auto-x there from time to time.

Marked001 took it out for her first no-helmet, low-speed spin just to make sure everything checked out. He came back in, we strapped him in, hooked up the radios, put on the helmet and let him lose. Our little girl did not disappoint.

From there is was time to push it and see what we could get out of her – constantly watching temps, pedal feel, handling, etc. Everything checked out perfectly (although we’ll know more once we get on a bigger track). We did realize our tach was way off and we’ve posted in the 12V hoping to resolve this issue. Right now we are hitting the rev limiter at 5K according to our Autometer tach; obviously that is not right.

Another important issue we needed to check was the decibel level of the exhaust. Lime Rock has a pretty low level to help appease the locals and although we were extremely happy with the sound of the exhaust, we are well over the allowed db level of Lime Rock park 🙁 At least we know and can make the appropriate adjustment this week (ie: buy an additional muffler)

All-in-all it was a very successful test and couldn’t be more excited about our track day this coming Friday. We still have to button a few things up in prep for a real event, but we are well on “track” to finishing and have a huge renewed excitement in what we’ve achieved and what we will achieve in the seasons to come.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and feedback. And a big thumbs up to our buddy Rui for hanging with us yesterday and snapping some pics of the car in action – I think it helped that we buckled him in and let him rip around the parking lot for while 😉

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