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We haven’t posted very many projects recently, mostly because all of the projects we’ve tackled in the off-season were more or less small and insignificant, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy on the track and in the shop – we are in the middle of one project right now that we thought some might be interested it.

After dreaming, staring, talking, wishing, etc, etc about the real motorsport shifters like the CAE/Bildon/Cool****ingAllAluminumShifters, but not having the budget to pull the trigger, we decided to look into and possibly try to do a home-brew version of the “motorsport-inspired” o2a shifter. Several other motorsport enthusiast on Vortex have simply taken the o2a shifter box/mechanism and mounted it directly on top of the tunnel which seems to work out pretty successfully, like these:

cockpit_1.jpg longerknob015640x480.jpg Picture896.jpg

So we thought, why not take it one step further – the shifter box isn’t exactly a work of art, and the mechanism is easily removed – so why not make a new tower/base?

This is what we have so far:

iphone_029.jpg iphone_039.jpg iphone_057.jpg iphone_056.jpg

Sorry for the crappy cell pics – once we get the interior floor pans/tunnel painted (which is what we are working on now), we’ll get the tower painted, installed and we’ll update with some better photos.

We are using the “quick shift bracket” from Gruven and the 02a shifter bushings by DeckManDubs – all supplied to us by Herbys53

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