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made some progress on the shifter and the cable-linkage updated linkage with modified shape and spherical bearing: and a few new pics of the whole shifter assembly complete with reverse lockout: neutral: shift lever pushed over to the left, metal arm hits pin – 1st and 2nd gear: neutral w/ pin pulled: shift lever pushed […]

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Many of you have probably seen our Stage I shifter setup – basically, a completely stock, OE, O2A shifter mechanism taken out of its box from underneath the tunnel and remounted in a custom sheet metal tower. The sole purpose of the exercise was to raise the shifter up and get it as close to […]

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I thought I would drop in and give a little seasonal update on the track rado for those that are interested. After a very successful (and by successful I mean we improved our lap times by a bunch and didn’t crash the car) event earlier in the season at NJMP’s Lightning circuit, and a very […]