The Checklist

Posted: 31st May 2011 by 4amRacing in DIY
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As our June 23rd event with CART at LRP approaches, we are slowly checking to-do items off our checklist. This past weekend I was able to finish up the Lexan windshield install by adding a nice clean bead of black silicone in the gap between the lexan and the car’s body. This silicone not only seals the gap to prevent water infiltration, but cleans up the installation just a bit more. Like always, we added a windshield banner to keep the sun out of our face and of course with that much blank real-estate we had to add a TyrolSport logo.


You may also notice we have a “new” hood. Thanks to a fellow Corrado enthusiast, we got our hands on a carbon fiber hood… finally! We’ll be adding aero catch latches this time around and we are keeping the OE safety catch latch… just in case.


Some weight info:
The OE G60 hood, with hinges weighed 35lbs. The new CF hood (without hinges) weighs 22lbs.
The OE glass was 23lbs. The new Lexan replacement is 12lbs.
(I’ll have to double check, but I think these are the correct weights)

We still have a few more items on the list to tackle, but I think we are in good shape to make the June 23rd event.

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