End of the Year Sign Off

Posted: 15th December 2011 by 4amRacing in Events, Lime Rock Park, News
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For those of you that just recently signed up to receive our blog updates you probably haven’t missed us, but for those of you that have been around for a while… well, you probably haven’t missed us either. At any rate, we wanted to post up to at least let everyone know we are still here and that the car is still in one piece. We also wanted to send a quick thank you to all our sponsors and make sure their names are out there. As always, thanks to Mike @ TyrolSport and Olaf @ Atomic Motorsports

This season, for better or worse, was very uneventful and we unfortunately were only able to get to the track one time. Although we had put a lot of time into our preperations for the season; carbon fiber hood, lexan windshield, two new tires, etc, etc not to mention our new tow/sleeping setup, we just weren’t able to get the schedules to jive so that we could go out and enjoy our updated car. The one event that we did run was in late June at a rain soaked Lime Rock Park, CT. We did our best to enjoy our time on track and although the overnight camping trek to the track was great, I think we both agreed that sitting in the pits under our awning was a much more enjoyable place to be.

Here’s a few shots of the madness:

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We are happy to report that the hood stayed closed this time around, unfortunately we are hearing a new, unwanted sound possibly from the transmission. We’ve known for a while that our 3rd gear syncro is a bit slow to mesh, but now with the addition of the sound and the hard downshifts into third gear, some investigation is definitely in order. We’ll also be looking into a faulty starter this off season that has haunted us for a season or two as well.

For now, that’s all we have to report. We’ll go back into hiding for the winter, but hopefully come spring 2012, with a renewed desire to be on the track we’ll have some enthusiastic blog entries to post up. Until then, happy holidays to everyone!

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