Stress & Cracks

Posted: 21st August 2012 by Joseph in DIY, The Car
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One thing that we’ve been keeping an eye on over the last couple events is our rotors and what appear to be stresses in the metal. ¬†With our very limited experience in this area we weren’t really sure what to make of what appeared to be stress related lines in the face of the rotors. ¬†Clearly the lines didn’t penetrate through the rotor and it appeared that maybe the lines were simply surface imperfections caused by heat and stress, but once the lines started look more like cracks the rotors needed to be replaced.

The cracks look very dramatic in these light conditions and in these photos…

…but clearly the cracks are very shallow surface stresses

Believe it or not, these were the rotors we installed on the car when it was first built back in 2007 and have approximately 30 track hours on them – there is still a ton of material left too!

So out with the old and in the new. This time around James and the crew over at ECS Tuning took care of us with a new set of “ECS Geomet” coated, slotted rotors. We look forward to seeing how well they hold up to the abuse. We’ll be sure to report back and keep you guys posted. Thanks again James!


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