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Over the past few years we’ve received a number of inquires on our DIY digi-dash setup so we thought maybe it was time to sit down and post up as much of that info as possible so that it can be found by others who are also searching. Where to start!? Our little digi-dash setup […]

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After less than desired results, this time at NJMP 2010, the digi dash and DashCommand was beginning to become more of a challenge than an asset to our our setup. Some days during bench testing, the refresh rate more than acceptable, other days it was slow to react and none of the methodical changes I […]

The Digi & Dash are Ready for The Glen

Posted: 28th July 2010 by Joseph in The Digi & Dash
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buttoning up last minute items last night and packing our gear. Some final pics before we stuff it in the trailer tomorrow night. [flashgallery scaling=”noscale”]

The Digi & Dash are Almost Complete

Posted: 19th July 2010 by Joseph in The Digi & Dash
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After getting back from our shakedown run earlier today, we started doing some of the finishing touches to the interior. Interior is 95% complete. Still need to add some more padding, do some more wire management, mount the new rear view mirror, relocate the electric noise suppressor (currently zip tied to the relays), probably mount […]

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we made a good amount of progress over the past weeks now that we have the car in our hands. Finally this last weekend we were able to see the fruits of our labor. Shit is coming together! digi dash with integrated shift lights our new home for this season. I think we are much […]