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Stress & Cracks

Posted: 21st August 2012 by Joseph in DIY, The Car
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One thing that we’ve been keeping an eye on over the last couple events is our rotors and what appear to be stresses in the metal.  With our very limited experience in this area we weren’t really sure what to make of what appeared to be stress related lines in the face of the rotors. […]

Aero Bits

Posted: 20th August 2012 by Joseph in Aero, DIY, The Car
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Not long after we implemented our first round of aero components at the beginning of the 2008 season was I already thinking of how to improve and build upon what we had created. So it’s fair to say it’s been on my mind for a while… just ask Jason – he was probably very thankful […]

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We are always on the lookout for inexpensive alternatives to parts and materials.  Here are a few we’ve found along the way.  We’ll update the list as we think of others or find new ones in the future. ___________________________________________________________________ Aluminum Tube Split Collar (for roll bars/cages). These sell on most racing supply websites for $15-20/ea. […]

The Wing

Posted: 4th June 2012 by Jason in Aero, DIY, The Car
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We weren’t sure which direction we were headed when starting this project. Initially, we were planning on keeping the stock wing intact (primarily for rigidity) and that’s how it all started. We put together 3-4 cardboard templates which were generated from tracing the stock wing and extending it 2″ to hit the rear hatch in […]

The Booster First and foremost, the brake booster replacement. We went with a remanufactured, 1987, VW Golf, nonABS booster replacement. The install went well, with none of the usual “it’s never easy” frustration moments when something else seems to brake while fixing what was already broken. Since we had to remove the brake lines from […]