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we made a good amount of progress over the past weeks now that we have the car in our hands. Finally this last weekend we were able to see the fruits of our labor. Shit is coming together! digi dash with integrated shift lights our new home for this season. I think we are much […]

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made some progress on the shifter and the cable-linkage updated linkage with modified shape and spherical bearing: and a few new pics of the whole shifter assembly complete with reverse lockout: neutral: shift lever pushed over to the left, metal arm hits pin – 1st and 2nd gear: neutral w/ pin pulled: shift lever pushed […]

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Many of you have probably seen our Stage I shifter setup – basically, a completely stock, OE, O2A shifter mechanism taken out of its box from underneath the tunnel and remounted in a custom sheet metal tower. The sole purpose of the exercise was to raise the shifter up and get it as close to […]

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We haven’t posted very many projects recently, mostly because all of the projects we’ve tackled in the off-season were more or less small and insignificant, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy on the track and in the shop – we are in the middle of one project right now that we thought some […]