The Cage is Done!

Posted: 28th June 2010 by Joseph in The Cage
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Huge props to the guys at Tyrol Sport for putting in the extra time to bang out the remaining items on the cage and get us out the door on schedule.

In order for Jason and I to get the car back together and make the Watkins Glen event at the end of July, we had to ask the guys at Tyrol to put in some extra time and get the car done by this past Friday so that we could have it over the weekend in order to get it prepped and painted. Although they wanted to keep it through Monday (today) I pushed, begged, and whined enough that they were willing to stay late and get it done on a hot and muggy friday.

I can’t thank the guys at Tyrol enough for working until 2am on Saturday morning to finish things up. Thanks guys!

Some pics our the party at Tyrol Sport on Friday night.

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